Case Studies

Take a look at case studies from our happy clients.
Train with us and be like them!

Our 2024 Cohort

Our 2023 Cohort

Our 2022 Cohort

Our 2019 Cohort

Case Studies

Take a look at case studies from our happy clients.
Train with us and be like them!

Our 2024 Cohort

Henry Haxby

“I joined Castle Air after a poor experience at another ATO and I’m so glad I did. The greatest benefits Castle Air has, is a very capable simulator that I could use at my leisure and some the best teachers I’ve had in my life. Combining these I found my confidence here at Castle and resulted in a first time pass on my IR.”

Ryan Ward

“The team at Castle Air have been fantastic. Friendly and welcoming from the moment I stepped into the building. The experience of the instructors and their knowledge meant as a QMP, I was guided efficiently through the training I required to a high standard. This allowed me to pass both Type and Instrument Rating Flying exams.”

Our 2023 Cohort

Kelly Wood

“When looking for ME/IR courses Castle Air Academy came highly recommended. I got in contact after completing my CPL(H) and the team at Castle Air managed to accommodate me on their next course starting the following month.
During my course I got a variety of incredible instructors with different backgrounds in the industry which added to my overall experience.
As a student at Castle Air Academy, we were given so many opportunities to aid us in our ME/IR course, use of the Simulator and having a dedicated training aircraft really helped. I was fully supported on my onward career with contacts and help applying for jobs in the oil and gas sector just shows how much they focus on their students.

Since passing my ME/IR I have accepted a job offer with Offshore Helicopter Services UK (OHS) in Aberdeen and looking forward to starting very soon”

Louis Perkins

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training and I found everyone very supportive and professional. The training surpassed all my expectations and I would highly recommend. There were no delays due to maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances and also no hidden costs to add to the pressure.”

Phil Barnett

“I can’t thank Castle Air Academy enough for the support, training and mentoring provided throughout the IR course. Not only do they have first class facilities and aircraft, but you couldn’t ask for a better team of instructors, engineers and support staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to do an IR or any further training. Thanks again Castle Air Academy”

Luca Montagnese

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Castle Air Academy and its dedicated instructors, engineers, and operational staff. This organisation not only provides first-rate aviation training but also fosters a friendly and supportive community that helps students grow and develop. The instructors are skilful and caring professionals who provide personalised attention to each student, ensuring progress in their training. The learning environment is both welcoming and professional, creating a comfortable and confident space for students to learn. Castle Air Academy offers outstanding aviation training in a caring and supportive atmosphere. The organisation’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its operations, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to excel in aviation”.

Luke Garland

“I completed my initial instrument rating in October 2023 and I couldn’t have been happier with my training at Castle. All the staff are lovely, amazing instructors with a huge amount of knowledge and experience and a great engineering team to keep the operation running. They’re friendly and approachable, and I’d strongly recommend them to anyone looking to do further training. Most importantly, their approach to getting me through the course in a time and cost effective manner was second to none”.

Max Nozedar

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience at Castle Air while I completed their ME/IR and AW109 type rating course at Gloucestershire Airport. The facilities were excellent with the simulator perfectly mirroring the aircraft flown which made the transition into the flying stage of the course very smooth. Any technical aircraft issues were always quickly resolved by the onsite engineers which kept any delays to a minimum. The instructors were very experienced and put a lot of effort into making me as prepared as possible for the skills tests, creating a top training environment that made my time there all the more enjoyable. They have connections all over the Helicopter industry and were always keen to offer assistance in finding a job upon completion, so much so that I secured employment within days of finishing my course with them. I can’t speak enough good things about Castle Air and would fully recommend anyone looking at starting a course with them to jump at a chance to learn under their instructors!”

Tamzin Evans

“I would like to express my thanks to the whole Castle Air Team for their help, support and guidance throughout my IR course. The training was professional and to a high standard throughout. I was always made to feel welcome, valued and supported throughout the course. They went above and beyond what they needed to do to ensure that I could complete the training and sit the test, particularly considering some frustrating weather scenarios. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to go there”

Our 2022 Cohort

Michael Trelfa

“I had a great experience at Castle Air Academy and in my opinion, they offer the full package. Great instructors with a huge amount of knowledge, experienced engineering support on site, and exceptional facilities to match. The training I received from them gave me a solid foundation to build on for my job, and I’d strongly recommend them to anyone looking to do any further training.

My experience at Castle Air was overwhelmingly positive, and I truly believe this is the perfect place to train. Having a simulator that replicates the aircraft makes for a very easy transition from the simulator to the aircraft, combined with the availability of the required approach facilities at Gloucestershire Airport means no time is wasted repositioning the aircraft. In-house maintenance ensures that any snags are quickly fixed and the wealth of both teaching and ‘on the job’ experience that the instructors bring to the table puts any student in very good hands. The atmosphere is professional, yet still casual and welcoming. I urge anyone thinking of doing their ME/IR to come and visit!”

Matt Webster

“I have really enjoyed the last two months at Castle Air Academy. I feel it was definitely beneficial to have spent 40 hours in a 109 simulator that replicated the aircraft, it made transitioning to the actual machine seamless. The instructors were all fantastic, delivering the course to a very high standard and the engineers worked tirelessly to ensure we had no significant delays to our training. I would highly recommend the academy for anyone wanting to do their ME/IR training!”

Our 2019 Cohort

Cian O’Leary

“The week after I finished my IR I was offered a position with Specialist Aviation Services. I start on the 2nd of September, will be doing an MCC course at the academy and then off to Italy for the type rating in October. Really looking forward to getting started.”

Joe Searles

“I found my course with Castle Air very informative, professional but relaxed. I was very impressed with the simulator as it is almost identical to the aircraft, thus making the transition from the sim to the real aircraft much easier. The instructors are vastly experienced and good at what they do, making the course that much easier to understand and ultimately pass. The course was hard work, but I did enjoy it. I would recommend Castle Air to anyone.”

Raiyan Rawoof

“In August 2019, I attended the AW109 type rating course under Al Scott, which was my first multi engine rating. Al is an outstanding instructor, alongside Oli Byard-Jones who was always happy to answer any questions we had. The facilities at Castle Air are excellent with their detailed AW109 simulator, training materials and several briefing rooms. My type rating training took two weeks – one week of ground school and one week of flying. Amanda was brilliant at organising the training dates, recommending accommodation and promptly replying to any queries I had. The team’s professionalism and combined experience was the reason I chose Castle Air Academy and I look forward to undertaking my IR course with them in the future.”

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