Welcome to the team.

1.What are the key responsibilities faced by a maintenance planner at Castle Air, and how does the new starter plan tackle them?

As I delve deeper into my role, I am increasingly recognising the critical importance of forward planning in ensuring utmost customer satisfaction through meticulous and effective scheduling.

2.Could you provide insights into the training and onboarding process for a maintenance planner at Castle Air? How does the company ensure a smooth transition for new starters in this role?

Embarking on my aviation career at Castle Air was marked by a comprehensive induction process that instilled in me a strong foundation. Notably, the initial human factors training was both intriguing and thought-provoking.

3.In what ways does Castle Air promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the maintenance planning department? How does the new starter plan contribute to this culture?

I have had the privilege of continually expanding my knowledge base by immersing myself in the intricacies of various systems, processes, and procedures. The well-structured new starter plan in place not only facilitates my personal growth but also nurtures a culture of ongoing professional development.