Pilot Courses

Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter) – CPL(H)

This year we will be launching our new integrated CPL(H)IR course for students who want to learn to fly from scratch!

This is the only integrated CPL(H) course with a fully integrated instrument rating (IR) incorporated into the course in the UK!

Students lookng to become a pilot with no previous experience will be able to enrol onto our integrated CPL(H)IR course and learn all the essential information needed to beocme a fully qualified pilot, with not only a CPL(H) twin-engine type rating… but an integrated instrument rating too!

We will also be offering an integrated CPL(H) course without an IR and a modular CPL(H) course.

We strive to achieve a relaxed and friendly environment whilst delivering high calibre training, therefore students are free to mingle with each other and other staff throughout their time with us. We endorse the use of social media relating to the company because we believe that your opinion matters! The Academy has experience training students across all different business sectors around the world including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Czech Republic. Throughout your time with us we will help you in any way we can and at the end of the course, you will be fully assisted with the application process for your new pilot licence!



We have an extremely qualified team of instructor who have experience in a variety of different roles across the aviation industry.


We own our own fleet allowing flexibility and assurance. We also have an AW109E simulator onsite and encourage students to use the simulators throughout their training beyond course specification at no additional cost.


With our experience and well-established reputation, we have key industry relationships to help support your career development.


Engineering and maintenance is all done on site from our incredible engineering team ensuring you stay in the air not on the ground!


We are based at the UK’s busiest general aviation airport which provides you with great experience. We are centrally located and only 5 minutes away from the M5.


We are transparent about all costs with no hidden fees, allowing you to budget for your training with no surprises.

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